What Is Moonstone Jewelry

The moonstone is a valuable gem that is composed of aluminum, potassium, silicate, and sodium. This jewelry is present in the moonstone form layers, which are known to produce iridescent quality. That is the reason, even in the unpolished state, the jewelry looks beautiful.

Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone jewelry is said to be a magical gemstone in the market. It is said that it brings the moon mysteries since it resembles the moonlight reflecting on the water. What makes the stone stand out is that it offers a unique sheen displayed on its surface. It is the adularescence and the chatoyancy features that make the stone stand out.

Why Is The Moonstone A Valuable Crystal

Moonstone is a valuable crystal since it has a healing arena. The stone has a powerful as it has healing properties. The moonstones help women connect with the feminine side and clarify and enhance their intuition.

The stone is also known to enhance calmness and give one clarity of mind. It offers peace of mind and passion. It is ideal for wearing jewelry in case you are feeling tensed or stressed out.

What Is Adularescence

The adularescence is known as the sheet that lingers on the surface of the moonstone. The feature makes the moonstone necklaces seem as though they have and a flow or light. When put in light, you will get a soft wispy cloud found on the surface.

What Is Chat oyancy

The chatoyancy is the effect of the cat's eye where you will notice some powerful string of light that will be reflected off the stone. The site will be vertical from end to end. Thus, it will appear like the cat's eye.

What to Look For When Choosing Moonstone Necklaces 

You need to understand what to look for when you are choosing moonstone necklaces. That way, you will not only get a product that looks great, you will also get value for your money.


When you buy a moonstone birthstone, you need to ensure that you have considered the jewelry's clarity. These pieces of jewelry are known to have tiny tension cracks found inside them, known as centipedes. These centipedes might be unsightly and interfere with the adularescence. When you are buying the moonstone, you should note that the more centipedes they have, the less clarity. Note that the vibrant the moonstone, the more pricy it is.


Moonstone can be found in various shades of pink, peach, white, green, brown, gray, and blue. Blue is the color that is sought after. Moonstones that have adularescence is also valuable as it adds beauty to the stone. Thus, affecting how color appears. Most people always look for stones with a broader area of blue sheen in the center of the stone.


In most cases, the moonstones are cut into three options. It can be the cabochons, beads, or faceted. The best cut of these precious pieces of jewelry is the cabochons. The cut is known to show the natural state of the adularescence that is found within the stone. The other cutting option is that is popular is faceted as it is known to hide the stone's inclusion. If you need a cut that will highlight the stone's color and texture, consider the rose cut.


Moonstones can be found in either big or smaller sizes. However, most people selling jewelry pieces prefer using 1 to carats it is easy to find and design. But, you can also find moonstone reaching up to 20 carats, you will find high value.

Moonstone Pieces of Jewelry with Other Stones

Moonstones are set in a combination of mixed metals, sterling silver, titanium, or gold. When making the jewelry, the jeweler will ensure that they offer a natural sheen and that will increase the cat's eye effect. They work well with other gemstones and give you natural sheen thus; this adds value to the product.

Moonstone's birthstone is for the people who were born in June.

Taking Care of the Moonstone Jewelry

Just like any other ornament, you need to take care of the moonstone jewelry. Cleaning will help in keeping the product newer and ensure that it does not lose its appeal. When you are cleaning the product, avoid using harsh detergents or steam cleaners. The best way to clean the product is by using mild soap and warm water.

All you need is to put a few drops of soap in water and soak the stone for 5 minutes. When you do take the product out, it needs to be clean. In case it is not clean, you should use a soft to clean it. Make sure that the product is cleaned. Once it is clean then you should dry it before storing it.

If you clean it with rough surfaces, it is bound to get some scratches that will destroy the moonstone's beauty.、

Storing the Moonstone

You need to ensure that you store the product in an ornament box of a fabric pouch. Note that the moonstone should not be stored in a place where the temperature is high since it can get damaged.

Is It Possible To Enhance The Moonstone

It is possible to color-enhance the moonstone. Color enhancing is taking the natural moonstone to help ensure that it displays a more appealing color. When you are buying the moonstone, you need to discuss with the retailer to inform you if there is any treatment they have made on the stone.

Guide To Use When Buying Moonstone Jewelry

If you are thinking of buying moonstone jewelry, you should ensure that you have found a vendor who has a good reputation. Avoid buying from vendors who do not have moonstone authenticity certificates. The right vendor needs to have clear return policies.

When buying jewelry, it is essential to make sure that a gemologist evaluates it and has an authenticity certificate. You should also note that the moonstone price can vary from one vendor to another. If so, it is important for you to compare the various vendors and choose the one that will offer you the best service. By doing this, you can be certain that you buy a quality moonstone.

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